Why are we here?

I am a parent of two boys on the spectrum. For many years my husband and I were confused and frustrated by our boys behaviours and 'quirks' and could not find any support,help or guidance. Our eldest child was diagnosed with ASD in 2014 at the age of 12, our youngest son was diagnosed at 11. We feel  that we have battled through this alone and at times we really needed support. So after an immense amount of research and studying we managed to find ways to support our children and guide them through life.
This took many different attempts at interventions, some that were successful and some not so much. Many, many hours of meetings, writing letters, documenting behaviours and fighting to get to a point where our children could function and navigate everyday life(with support).
I decided, with the knowledge and experience that I had gained, to set something up for other parents and carers in similar situations to ourselves, and provide the support that we never had to our local community, through a Facebook group and monthly coffee mornings.
Beat4Autism is so much more than this now. We have an Autism library service, a sleep workshop in September, Autism friendly screenings at our community cinema and 'Autism Hour' at the library/community Hub.
Beat4Autism is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C)  not for profit, We have just secured funding to action a pilot project in 1 school in Torpoint, giving an interactive presentation explaining what Autism is and how we can support those individuals living with Autism. We have also secured funding to purchase beanbags, fiddle toys and craft items for Autism hour at the library and to support the Community cinema.

The long term plan is to  make Torpoint Autism friendly.